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Ian Maclean Services



I have been taking photos and developing them since age 12 when I joined the Photographic Club at school. I photographed the school plays, sports and school magazine covers during my teens when I was in the darkroom most afternoons.  Travel, news, theatre and portrait work since then and specialising in the demanding field of art photography for web sites.

Fine Art Printing

I operate a 44 inch Epson 9900 printer with the latest Epson print head. This is still the best printer for fine art printing with its extended colour range comprising CMYK plus green and orange pigment inks.  I design artwork for flyers, magazines and books, and design and print posters up to 1m wide and up to 12m length or more.


Our beautiful imagianation art galleries in St Ives and Bath are now closed but ONLINE !!

Music and Video Production

I made my first film, The Time Traveller, with my dad's ciné camera at age 12 with my sister and schoolfriends. I have played guitar since age 13, solo and in a band. Since age 30 I have been recording music and producing cassettes and CDs, initially using 16 track analogue and since 2001 the digital workstations that are now normal. I have written songs for myself and for others. I use Premiere Pro video software and have produced up to full length movies in Blu-Ray and DVD, as well as trailers and promotional films.


Astrology since age 20 ... see my web site!


A life travelling and thinking has given me plenty to bore you with in books, poetry and songs!

Contact me for a chat, text or WhatsApp. Click on the logo then Main Site for details xx

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